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Un "Petit Versailles" basque

The Villa Arnaga is situated to Cambo-les-Bains, in the heart of the Basque country in 15km of Bayonne and Biarritz. It is the fruit of the imagination of a big author and a poet, Edmond Rostand.


For the outside of the house, he is inspired by Basque traditional farms with white facade, red timber framings and roof in two uneven slopes. He treats the inside as a luxurious stage set.
Around this vast house, Edmond Rostand creates a set of gardens on more than 15 hectares. On the side of Rising sun, he implants a "French-style" garden endowed with ponds, with ornamental ponds and with a pergola.
On the other side, he conceives a "English-style" garden allying greenery and mineral curves.

Le musée Edmond Rostand

The route of the visit suggests going into the work of the author of Cyrano and the Eaglet and understanding this surprising character. The domain of Arnaga symbolizes both facets of the man. The greatness and the magnificence display in the French garden and in the reception halls. The modesty and the simplicity guess in the landscape garden and the rooms where he lived.
The museum detains an important collection of works, letters and objects connected to all the Family Rostand: Edmond Rostand, Rosemonde Gérard, Maurice Rostand, Jean Rostand.

Photo Philippe Louzon

A place of animation and show

Every year, numerous demonstrations are organized in the Villa Arnaga: at night of museums, Meeting in Gardens, theatralized visits, Show of the Farmyard, the concerts, the conferences, the colloquiums...

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Villa Arnaga - Musée Edmond Rostand
Route du Docteur Camino
64250 Cambo-les-Bains FRANCE
Tél 33(0)5

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